Beauty/Spa department

Beauty / Massage Therapist

The Beauty therapist performs facial therapy and massage. The Massage therapist performs a full body massage. Both positions are responsible for sale of all department related products.

An extensive experience and fluent English language skills required.

Fitness / Aerobic Instructor

The Fitness / Aerobic Instructor is responsible for teaching aerobic classes (a large part of business onboard involves classes with Dyna Bands), supervising gymnasium and also conducting individual trainings.

Fluent English language skills are required.

Hair Stylist

The Hair Stylist is responsible for haircuts and styling. This position requires a fully qualified in both ladies’ and men’s hairdressing applicant with extensive beauty salon experience. Fluent English language skills required.

An applicant must have a pleasant and courteous personality and fluent English language skills.

Nail Technician

The Nail Technician's responsibilities include manicure, pedicure, gel nails and sale of all department related products. A Nail Technician training course and at least one year working experience in a beauty salon as well as fluent English language skill are required.