Housekeeping department

Chief Housekeeping

The Chief Housekeeping supervises all operations of the entire Housekeeping Department. He/she is responsible for the administrative functioning of the department, room service, overall cleanness of the ship excluding the galley and bars. This position also includes the supervision of the baggage discharge. Fluent English language skills required.

The Assistant Chief Housekeeper

The Assistant Chief Housekeeper's responsibilities are: day to day supervision of cleaning and maintenance of housekeeping area, guests baggage handling and distribution, inventory control and control of all housekeeping consumables in his/her assigned area, handling guest's special requests and complaints and reporting them to the Chief Housekeeper. Fluent English language skills required.

Stateroom (Cabin) Steward

The Stateroom (Cabin) Steward is responsible for keeping clean and neat guests staterooms (cabins). He/she provides personal assistance to guests, takes care of guests personal laundry requests, replenishes supplies such as drinking glasses, ice, stationary, etc.

The Steward approaches guests in a professional manner with courtesy and politeness. Fluent English language skill is required.

Assistant Stateroom (Cabin) Steward

The Assistant Stateroom (Cabin) Steward assists the stateroom steward in cleaning guests staterooms (cabins) and passageways, empting wastebaskets and transports trash, transferring the daily linen to the laundry.

The Assistant Steward must deal with guests in a professional manner with courtesy and politeness. Good English language skill is required.

Bell Man

The Bell Man assists with room service if needed. He/she transfers guests’ luggage to and from the ship at each cruise. An applicant must be able to carry heavy parcels. Fluent English is compulsory.


The Cleaner is responsible for cleaning the public area, transporting trash, maintaining a safe and sanitary environment. He/she is responsible for storage of all the cleaning supplies.