Interview (our recommendations)

If you are qualified and meet the employment requirements Majomi Travel Club will invite you to its office to discuss your own employment opportunity and to arrange appointments for the pre-selection tests. The pre-selection is conducted in English by one of our recruiting managers as to evaluate applicants’ conversational and professional skills, their personality and attitude.

Selected applicants will receive all relevant information about cruise company, the position they have applied for, terms of contract, salary and the expenses.

The final selection is made by the cruise company representative at the interview.

The agency informs applicants about the date, time and place of the interview and helps applicants present themselves in the best way.

  • All candidates attending the interview must be dressed in a formal way
  • Females: need to have their hair tidy or well kept in a pony tail, no big earrings or piercing; one ring per hand allowed, white shirt and black pants obligatory, no jeans, no snickers allowed.
  • Males: must have short hair, be shaved, wear no earrings, no visible tatooes, dressed in suit and tie, no snickers and jeans allowed.

A list of the accepted applicants and their positions is announced a few days after an interview.